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Tom Wolak

Vocalist, arranger, songwriter and selector

Tomasin (Tomasz Wolak) is a musician, arranger, songwriter and selector. He has been involved in the music scene since 1999. He is a member of independent bands such as DwaZera (rap), Funkloopy (funk), Czarny Porzecz & Doktor Fatalny (electronic music), representative of the Tricity collective Ziomboi Klika. From 2015, together with DJ Wojak, he created a musical project called NoDance. As a participant in freestyle battles he took his place on the podium (including Metropolia Fest II - 1st place, Gdynia Bruk Festival - 2nd place). Since 2009, he has been organizing events, concerts and jams on the music market. The creator of the Soul Pudding internet radio show (2009-2011). An expert and enthusiast of music, which can often be heard when he stands behind a DJ console.

Milena Wolak

Dancer, choreographer, dance and fitness instructor

Lena (Milena Marczykowska) is a law student in business, dancer and oriental dance instructor since 2011. She has been gradually expanding her knowledge and dance experience since 2007, when she began her adventure with ballroom dancing, further learning styles such as hip-hop, modern dance, contemporary dance and jazz dance. Co-founder of the group dancing with the fire SaveMyFlame (2015).
The founder of the Arabic dance group Habibi (2011) and the dance group for seniors Talianka (2016). She took part in the dance show "Movement" (Art Academy, 2014). She also performed as a dancer during concerts, including with Donatan and Cleo or Xxanaxx. In addition to dancing, she is actively developing and practicing fitness. She is an aqua aerobics instructor and gymnastics trainer for pregnant women.

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