Art is a concept that can not be completely defined. Its boundaries are redefined each day. This is also the case with our work, composed on your behalf.

Entertainment is supposed to relax, provide pleasure and stimulate the senses. A good performance lets you forget about reality. It is an opportunity to experience beauty, to rise above the monotonously lived days. Our performances are hypnotizing.

We will take you and your guests to the wonderful world of art, where there is still room for magic and dreams come true.

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Sensual, phenomenal and one of the most eclectic styles of dance. Fairytale costumes and charming dance figures take the viewer to the land of a thousand and one nights. Oriental dance show can be presented as: - show with props (voiles, Isis wings, fans, assaya, fanveils, sword) - Arabic folklore - modern bellydance - oriental dance fusions

Fire is a symbol of life and energy. The primordial power dormant in it. Spectacular show created from passion for dance and circus art captivates spectators. The whole performance is complemented by burning installations and sophisticated costumes.

Dance is the quintessence of life for the moment. It's a magical journey without a specific purpose. Only in the dance the beginning or the end doesn't matter. What matters are emotions, movement and sweet loss somewhere beyond the time dimension. If you want your event to be saved in the memory of the gathered, then the dance show will fulfill such a task.

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