Technical set

We have our own sound equipment.

Sound system

Professional portable sound system with small dimensions, which gives amazing listening results. Set: 2x Active loudspeaker (2x RMS power: 200W, MAX power: 400W) and Active subbas (RMS power: 600W, MAX power: 1200W)


Professional wireless microphones. They allow free movement and contact. You also do not have to worry about the limiting range of the cable.

DJ controller

A multifunctional device containing all the functions necessary to mix music.


Yamaha MG10 is a compact, classic console, a standard in event sound systems. 10-channel mixing console equipped with a maximum of 4 microphone inputs, 10 linear (4 mono + 3 stereo) one stereo bus, 1 AUX (including FX).

DJ stand

A professional stand for a mobile DJ. The tripod has mounting beams, which allows you to place all the music equipment and lighting on one stand.


2 x moving knob (90 W)

The knob is equipped with a powerful 90W LED diode. The device has 7 rotating replaceable gobos, 8 colors plus white, automatic focus and 3-arm prism.

2 x moving knob (60W)

LIGHT4ME SMART SPOT 60 W is a compact, movable, spot-type knob offering a strong and bright 60-watt LED diode and very high dynamics of movements.

Stinger light effect LED 3w1

High quality 3-in-1 lighting effect. Moonflower (6 x 5W RGBWYP HEX LED diode), strobe (8 x 3W white LEDs) and laser (red and green beams) in one.


Reflector PAR BASE FLAT PAR 18x3W RGB LED equipped with eighteen RGB LEDs with a power of 3w. Thanks to a wide range of colors, it works great as decorative lighting.

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